What’s an e cigarette and are they healthier than tobacco cigarettes?

The e-cigarette is a relatively new electronic device developed to simulate a cigarette by making an inhalable mist. Electronic cigarettes tastes and looks exactly like a regular cigarette, but it comes devoid of the health risks smoking is known for.

Giving up smoking can be pretty challenging. Now instead of stopping, it is possible to switch to powered cigarettes, a healthier alternative to smoking. They allow you to enjoy smoking without all the health risks connected with traditional cigarettes.

The superb thing about electronic cigarettes is there very simple design. They are broken up into 4 main sections: the LED which illuminates as soon as electronic cigarette is smoked, the battery, the atomiser which heats up the e juice and the refill cartridge which contains the eliquid. The cartridge is also the mouthpiece which is breathed through. The batteries may be recharged and the cartridges may be changed, helping to keep the costs down.

A lot of e cigarettes are automatic and operate as soon as you breathe through it. Some however are manually operated and you have got to press a button to use it. Which is better is personal preference. A number of e cigarette smokers say that manual ecigs offer you more control whereas other smokers favour the simplicity of automatic e cigarettes.

Not like traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes give you a wide range of different flavours. E liquid flavours vary from standard tobacco flavours through to flavours like fruit flavour. Theoretically, e-cig manufacturers could make any flavour of their choosing. The majority of e-cig smokers start off with tobacco flavoured e-liquid to replace the tobacco cravings but after a while become braver and try different flavours.

Electric cigarettes are significantly cleaner than traditional cigarettes. They don’t burn tobacco and consequently they don’t emit harmful chemicals. They don’t make any ash and the vapour produced is harmless and odourless.

E cigs vary in size and appearance. Some are very similar in looks to regular cigarettes; other ecigarettes appear more like a ball point pen. Each model shares interchangeable parts, irrespective of the brand. There are several pros and cons to each style, such as the life of the battery, size, user control and durability. There are several ways to customise and accessorise e cigarettes including hundreds of colour options

In general, it is accepted that “vaping” or using an e-cigarette as an alternative to cigarettes poses much less of a health risk. E-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco as such, although the eliquids with nicotine have traces of tobacco as nicotine contains a really small amount of tobacco. Having said that, the main reason cigarettes are so bad for you is the fact that they burn tobacco and you’re breathing in smoke. Electric cigarettes on the other hand merely heat the e-liquid and thus they do not emit any dangerous cancer causing chemicals.

Buy an electric cigarette today.


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